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December 11, 2013
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12. Family by Morthern 12. Family by Morthern
POKEDDEXY Challenge c:

  1. Favourite Bug Type:  Shuckle! who else, one of my long time favourite pokemon<3 will never get tired of this adorable little rockbug
  2. Favourite Dark Type: Deino! silly little bitey!
  3. Favourite Dragon Type: Goomy going up! this is my fave goop poke c: so adorable
  4. Favourite Electric Type: Mareep! cutest little sheepie, my first pokemon team had one on it, back on Gold. Mareep has always held a special spot in my heart
  5. Favourite Fairy Type: Carbink. it was either this or klefki, and this thing is adorable in its own sparkly little way, you might notice im drawing all of these on the same canvas XD
  6. Favourite Fighting Type: Keldeo. is cute, im usually not fond of fighting pokemon, save for Lucario and its line. But this one is a charmer C:
  7. Favourite Fire Type: the Litwick evo line might be the coolest looking line among the 'item' pokemon, so a sad little Litwick is on the challenge :c
  8. Favourite Flying Type: Tropius! herp derp flying bananas<3 i like Tropius, they don't look like they should fly at all
  9. Favourite Ghost Type: Pumpkaboo! best ghost is pumpkinbutt.
  10. Favourite Grass Type: Shared spot between Hoppip and Gloom. both oddly cute and creepy. i like to think this Gloom is Mereons c:
  11. Favourite Ground Type: Gible. this was a tough one for me, i like the Nido evos too, and Trapinch.. so many cuties its hard to pick, but this derpy landshark is just adorkable
  12. Favourite Ice Type: Lapras~ Very pretty pokemon, so rare and sweet~ i got a shiny one on my X game, its most treasured
  13. Favourite Normal Type
  14. Favourite Poison Type
  15. Favourite Psychic Type
  16. Favourite Rock Type
  17. Favourite Steel Type
  18. Favourite Water Type
  19. Favourite Eeveelution
  20. Favourite Electric Rodent (Pikachu and it’s “New Generation Clones”)
  21. Favourite Baby Pokemon
  22. Favourite Mega Evolution
  23. Favourite Single-Stage Pokemon (Pokemon that doesn’t evolve)
  24. Favourite Pokemon Design
  25. Favourite Legendary
  26. Favourite Starter
  27. Coolest Pokemon
  28. Cutest Pokemon
  29. Scariest Pokemon
  30. Most Badass Pokemon
  31. All-Time Favourite Pokemon… <- link to the challenge on the tumblr
taalaruhun Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
seriously adorabs :D
Lapras is the pretty pokemon <3
taalaruhun Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yesh ~ <3
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